Home Electronics

In an earthquake, one of the main threats to personal safety is from unsecured, heavy appliances that can become projectiles. A top-heavy TV resting in an entertainment center can suddenly fly across a room into the path of a loved one looking for cover - causing injury, or even death, particularly to young children.

If it's heavy enough to hurt you if it falls on you, it needs to be fastened in place. Computers, DVD players, portable TVs, microwaves and other electronics are all heavy appliances that can be jolted out of position in an instant if not anchored down.

The good news is that they can all be secured with flexible nylon safety straps and buckles (as shown). It's simply a matter of cutting the nylon straps into the desired lengths, inserting them into the peel and press buckles and pressing the buckles into position on the appliance and desktop, tabletop etc. There's no mess, no holes to be drilled in furniture, and the buckles can be easily released if you need to relocate your appliance(s).

You can also use fastener blocks to hold printers, fax machines and other electronic equipment in place. These padded blocks go underneath the appliance to secure it to the desktop, tabletop etc.

By using earthquake safety fasteners, the result is securely held appliances that are no longer potential projectiles, giving you peace of mind knowing your family members are safe from harm.

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