This site is designed to help you to identify potential hazards in the home, and recommends methods for fixing them.

The first step to earthquake safety is to look around your home and identify all unsecured objects that might fall during shaking.

START NOW by moving heavy furniture, such as bookcases, away from beds, couches, and other places where people sit or sleep. Also make sure that exit paths are clear of clutter.

Simple and inexpensive things you can do now will help reduce injuries and protect belongings in a quake. Most hardware stores carry earthquake safety straps, fasteners, and adhesives you can easily use to secure your belongings.

We have divided the measures you can take into categories that are listed in the column to the left. The list is organized by areas in the home, and by types of objects. Click on these for detailed tips and suggestions for simple solutions to situations in your home that could be dangerous during earthquake shaking.

We have also included a listing of many online resources which provide additional information about earthquake preparedness.

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